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The Snakes on the Plains started out as an indoor soccer team and has grown into a conglomerate of recreation and intoxication. As it now boasts a softball team and home brewing set-up (Snakes on the Grains) as well.

The softball team was started in the Spring of 2008 as members of the now defunct HomeChickens formed their own team made up of Kansas City and Lawrence residents. In thier first season they posted an impressive12-4 record and were moved up to a champions league the next session only to get whooped regularly and finish 2-10 .

In between those seasons the Snakes packed up and headed to Topeka for the Sunflower State games. Even though they were pitted against teams that were clearly put in the wrong competitive division, they put together an impressive string of wins to finish in 3rd place.

Over half of last years roster returns for the 2009 campaign and shows signs of being a contender once again.

3rd Place - Sunflower state Games